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Embracing Relationships

My parents were married for over 50 years before my dad died. Both in their mid 70’s, they had been together much longer than they had been apart. My parents provided a great model for me as a married couple. It was far from perfect, but they stuck together until the end. I thought that would be me. I really did.

It took my ex and me about 10 years to finally sign the papers. We tried. We both worked hard. In the end, we parted quietly with full intent to make it as easy as we could for our kids. As a married couple our time was up.

However, we were and continue to be teachers for each other. Our time together is to help each other learn some important life lessons. It hasn’t always been pretty, but we continue to work on openly communicating and learning from each other as parents to our children.

For me, the lessons stemmed from my childhood, repeated in my marriage in hopes I would finally figure them out. My marriage was an important time in my growth. I believe that my ex was not meant to be with me until the end of my life, and I was not meant to be with him. We are working on a new relationship together.

Every person that we come into contact with is valuable and of importance. Even if it’s just a brief encounter. As I reflect on my marriage, I understand that we were exactly what each of us needed. As we live our human experience we come into contact with others who are supporting us in our journey.

At times, it may seem that some people are not supporting us, but in actuality they are providing us with the practice we need to overcome our life challenges. I have learned to practice radical acceptance and am always finding the lesson in relationships -comfortable and uncomfortable. When you accept your responsibility in all situations you walk away feeling more empowered and are more able to cultivate new attitudes towards obstacles, seeing them as gifts.

One could suggest that our time in quarantine is providing us with opportunities to be still, to review, rest and reflect on those teachers in our lives. This experience is offering us the time to look within ourselves in hopes that we emerge with new attitudes, inspirations and goals. Perhaps like my relationship with my ex, this time is meant to direct us to a new path.

So does someone really bug you?

Are you inspired by someone else?

Why are you and your mate together?

What are your children here to teach you?

Exploring these questions and the roles people play in your world can help you learn and grow towards mastering your life lessons. Find the courage to go within and embrace your inner journey.

Unearthing those lessons will bring you valuable insight and empower you to flow in exciting new directions.

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