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Inspiration. Then What?

I’ve had the pleasure to observe a friend make some big dreams happen. A few years ago she opened a business in our community. She has done very well.

Now, she is opening a second business. She debated about whether she should open another one. As one might guess, there were a few people who questioned this move. After all, it was a big risk and she really didn’t have to take this step. She decided to go for it and soon she will be opening her second location.

She inspired me. I’ve been thinking about what exactly it is that excites me about her journey. First of all, I’m pumped that my friend is at this point in her life. I get tears thinking about how fearless she has been working towards her goals.

Secondly, I recognized what it is about her story that captivates me. I realized it today watching Tom Hanks be interviewed for his role as Fred Rogers. Hanks said that what was so inspiring about Mr. Rogers was his vulnerability. He allowed himself to be vulnerable with everyone- no ulterior motive. This got me thinking about the role vulnerability plays in our lives. Brene’ Brown, author of Daring Greatly defines vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” Brene’ says that vulnerability “is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.”

That is exactly what my friend is being. She is not just opening a business. She is allowing herself to be open to others judgements, opinions and to the possibility of failure. So, if I am to learn from my friend, I need to move beyond my feelings of inspiration and take the leap into the unknown of vulnerability. It is in that place where life is lived and authentic connections are made.

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