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Mind Body Connection

A few years back I experienced a message from the universe. It was hard to miss and it spoke to me very clearly. I was in a hotel for a ski race with my son. I was taking a shower and noticed large wads of my hair flowing down the drain. Not just small bunches, but wads going down the drain and falling into my hands. I was horrified. I immediately began googling and self diagnosed myself with alopecia. This diagnosis was confirmed by a dermatologist later.

A lot of the information stated that perfectly healthy people experienced this kind of loss of hair and there isn’t a cure. Now, I hope I am not considered a vain person, but I have always enjoyed make-up, clothes and hairstyles. I wasn’t one who left the house unless I was put together. My hair falling out tested all my thoughts about who I was and what is really important. It also pushed me to a whole new level of belief. Belief that I could work with my body and change this situation.

I began by acknowledging that I was healthy and that I had so much to be grateful for. My hair was not falling out because I had a sickness or was being treated for cancer. I knew the power of gratitude and I knew that I wasn’t a victim.

I practiced gratitude daily.

I looked for the message. I believe that my body was responding to a great deal of stress. My dad was battling cancer, my marriage was unhappy, the stressors of teaching and of raising teenagers. I thought I was handling it all. My body was telling me otherwise. I began to journal and meditate daily.

I scoured the internet for information. Most of it negative. I decided that I would ONLY read success stories of people who were able to grow their hair back and how they did it. I would believe in the outcome that I wanted.

I focused on the joy of life. Once again, I was reminded that spending time with my family and friends was what brought me true happiness. It had nothing to do with material things or how I looked. I focused on all the amazing miracles that life has to offer.

I changed my diet and talked to my body. I thanked my cells for working together and told them that we make a good team. I told my body that I would do my best to put healthy, real food in it so that I would be nourished and energized.

About 6 months later (after losing about 50-60% of my hair), I saw signs that it was growing back. I grew back all of my hair and was able to go back to my beloved hairstylist of 20 years!

More importantly, I was given an opportunity to practice what I had been learning about. Yes, I made many changes in my life, but ultimately I believe that it was because of my thoughts and immersion into self-love that my body was able to find its balance.

Our body has tremendous power to heal itself when in sync with our minds. It is truly fascinating. If you haven’t watched the documentary “Heal”, I recommend you do. It is on Netflix and will introduce you to some of the top leaders on the topic.

You can also find some beautiful insight from the late Louise Hay. She has many books on the mind/body connection.

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