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The Tower Moment

One card in a Tarot deck is “the tower”. It suggests that one will have something significant happen in their life. Many readers are quick to point out that the tower card is not meant to be a negative, doom and gloom card. Tower moments are those experiences that help to change our course whether we are ready or not.

Tower moments have a valuable purpose in our lives. They are meant to wake us up. It is usually when life settles down that we are able to look back and reflect on our tower moments and understand their purpose.

What if we were able to consciously live through the divorce, health issue or death of a loved one? How would reframing the twists and turns of our moments help us? I am suggesting that we remain as open as possible, slow down, feel and listen to what our inner voice has to say during these crucial moments. This requires us to get quiet during times when it is easier to act out, numb our senses or run away.

The Universe has a way of getting our attention. First through smaller subtle clues and later with more obvious and significant events. Not as a punishment, but as a reminder to stay awake. The Universe only wants to facilitate our learning on Earth.

I am learning that as I strengthen my muscle to live more consciously, life is actually becoming easier. Instead of defaulting to fear based emotions, I am responding to life’s challenging moments with humor, compassion, kindness and love. I am easier on myself and others and as a result, life feels better and flows instead of going up and down.

When life flows, I am happier and remain on a higher vibration level. I am able to find joy and connection even when life isn’t going as planned. This in turn helps me attract more of what I want. So the next time your tower comes down, take the time to reflect and grow. Ask yourself what purpose or lesson you are meant to learn. It’s exciting to think of what treasure you may find.

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